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Lost Vegas

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We lost 4 days in Vegas and that wasn't the only thing, our minds included. Everything you've seen on TV, heard about, read about... Don't believe it!!! It doesn't begin to describe it- it's crazier. I'm not going to give to you the 4 day run down because like I said those days are GONE but it started out like this... Night one - party on level 34 of New York New York Hotel overlooking the city and the hotels personal roller coaster. Hit the tables by 10.30pm and we leave the place $150 UP and full to the brim of FREE cocktails! We head to (of course) the club with the longest queue in town Marquee, hold hands, put our heads down and follow in the dolled up crowd of Northerners who loudly state we are not with them! Oh But yes we are and in we go with them, as inconspicuous as possible we have left 300 hopefuls outside. The rest of the night is where it all become fuzzy due to dancing front row of LMFAO.... Hello Vegas!!!!

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Texas and the high life

The Alamo- San Antonio the closest we've been to Mexico yet and you can feel it! Amazing sight located in the heart of the city still partially intact and almost 200 years old. We had our first beef ribs!!! These were literally half a cow and thank goodness we shared a main because we couldn't get through it between us. For big eaters we are put to shame here... When Man vs Food... Food Wins!

We found Austin and jumped from motel to motel all generally located under the spaghetti freeways for the biggest deals on price! 3 days of soaking in the city we were pleased see the familiar faces of friends for 2 more nights leading up to the Grand Prix. Backing packing then went out the window and we were lucky to stay in town with them sipping cocktails and hitting Austin's night scene!

Just to top off the whirlwind of fun we got to stay in an amazing apartment in Dallas overlooking the city and eating at the best restaurant in town THANK YOU THANK YOU. What a blast but time to settle back into reality where we belong.

Today we walked the whole of San Francisco city - 7 hours non stop aaauoch! Just to top off this most amazing week our hotel is located on Nob Hill corner of Bush rd .... BRILLIANT! Oh and the hotel serves free wine and cheese from 5-7 and its 5.03 so I'm running late! Out.

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Today we drove 6 hours into the steaming humidity of Houston, Texas with 2 hitchhikers we picked up along the way.

After trying so hard on our budget all it took was a couple of pints and I'm not sure who's brilliant idea it was to go to Walmart for deodorant. We left the place with a big bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms, a giant bag of Cheetos, a pack of Jolly Rangers and a slab of beer.... Win or Fail could be viewed as either really!!!

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4 states in a day

Yesterday we drove from Florida through Alabama, Mississippi to Louisiana.

Alabama was spent mostly driving along with Sweet Home Alabama blasting on repeat. We made one stop at Callaghan's which the Lonely Planet claimed to have the best burgers in Alabama. Reluctantly breaking the golden rule of not going to gimmick english/Irish/Aussie restaurants abroad we were pleasantly surprised to find the place full of Alabamians filling their faces with the truth be told the BEST burgers in town. We found ourselves somewhat celebrities not able to mask the accent, and had a number of the friendly staff sit by us for a chat and give us tips for or future travels accompanied by gifts. We were photographed and pasted on their Facebook page- I think we were the first Aussies to drop by. It made our day! Check out the link:


In Mississippi we fell on a town called Ocean Springs. Pretty little seaside village in which we continually had to pinch ourselves to believe it was actually real life. We walked out of one shop with the sales lady saying "now yuall folk drop back"!

New Orleans surpasses that of the imagination. Full of surprises- buildings and homes which make us feel we are back at Universal Studios. The friendliest people who all want to chat and even the homeless have a smile on their faces and want to get to know you. We paid some dancers on the street to slide along the road on their heads with no hands. They told us to pay them or they would be paying a visit to our homes later.... The choice was obvious. Tempted by the $1.75 pints in a local pub in the Garden District we quickly befriended a crazy dude with long grey hair who of course had the best white boxer dog Bingo. We spent the afternoon listening to his crazy stories which ranged from Hells Angels tales to stories of puppy wolves- we were totally enthralled. Off to the only unexplored part of town tonight the Warehouse District.

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Heading West

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We found giant oysters in Alapachicola and a £30 a night sunset in Panama City Beach- calling for us to stay another night!

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The journey is on!

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We have started off full throttle, slight hurdle in the beginning being bumped off our flight and waiting at the check in desk until the flight had closed to somehow being rushed through 40 mins before our flight was due to leave. Such a relief having said our goodbyes returning would have been too much to get our heads around.

Day 1 Miami - We felt like we had been dropped into a film set. Walking up Ocean Drive we were stopped by a loud American (claiming to be aussie) who somehow managed to sell us 3 tours we weren't that interested in. Thankfully he did as we spent that afternoon gooing at all the celebrities million dollar mansions on star island waving through the window to the likes of Madonna & Antonio Banderas. Obviously the biggest mansion was that of the inventor of Viagra who's home was lined with fully erect palms imported from Africa.

That night we spent our entire daily budget on Halloween costumes and partied with the whole hostel at Miami's Nikki Beach night club. Finishing the night with the worlds largest pizza slice on the way home- did I mention that everything comes in LARGE, which we may very well be also by the time we leave here!

Day 2 again thanks to the American we hammered around the Everglades photographing alligators and eating alligator burgers. Strangely we refused to hold the alligator for a photo as it seemed cruel, but eating it in a burger bun seemed ok...?!

The Last 2 days we have spent running from ride to ride at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Day one we rode all of the super fast, super high and super crazy upside downy roller coasters, day 2 we did them all again front row with no hands! Exhausting and our brains feel like they are slightly separated from our skulls now having been so shaken around.

Tomorrow we are headed to the Florida Pan Handle in search if some oysters and white sands.

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3 Days to go

The countdown

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With only 3 days left in London it feels like time is speeding up more quickly than ever- we are running out of time to do... well nothing really- we have done it all so many times here before so we are just trying to squeeze out ever last second now. Sher and Dales last Arsensal game together this afternoon and Steph and I may be having our last pint in an old English pub together. Bags are packed though so after this weekend and a spa day on Monday we will be well and truly ready to step on that plane and wave au revoir to London. Not long now.[/i]===Your subheading here...===

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